Zip Line at Kasauli

Implausible experience of "Zip Lining in Kasauli hills" is an exciting adventure activity. 60 meters zip lining distance is offered to adventure lovers who are interested in zip lining. Zip lining in the high hills of Kasauli is good and the best experience. This zip lining experience is memorable forever.

Best views of sceneries, Hills, Mountains, Waterfalls, Snow along zip lining track:

Many unique and best natural sites can be seen by performer in the way of this lining route. Adventure lover can take enjoy of crossing over the green sceneries in Kasauli. Rivers, waterfall, Tropical rain forest and many varieties of birds can be seen during zip-lining. It is one of the fastest growing adventure activity is Himachal Pradesh. Many visitors are interested to do zip lining activity. Crossing through the green vegetation practice is exciting to people during their zip lining. Zip lining in Kasauli hillsdescending through the lush greenery is pleasurable.

Flora and fauna, bird watching:

Varieties of birds, Ghoral, Monal, Snow leopard, Bear, Barking Dear, Peacock, and other flora can be seen by visitor while passing through the zip lining route of Kasauli proffered by Aestus adventure and wellness centre. Adventure through tropical rain forest, in fresh natural air gives fine leisure to zip liners. Aestus adventure and wellness centre provides best leisure, fun to zip lining participant. We work only for people's leisure, rejuvenation, fun, and entertainment.

Zip lining with well trained staff of Aestus adventure and wellness centre:

Professional and well trained instructors of Aestus adventure and wellness centre guide performers while taking this adventure activity. We at Aestus are dedicated to adventure lovers, and we promise them to give exciting experience to them. Zip lining with family, friends, groups, in Kasauli is good rejuvenating outdoor activity. Going through the zip lining way with ultimate speed, and passing through the natural areas five pleasurable experience to participant. Trees along the pathway of zip lining will give you breath taking skill of zip lining. Thrill seekers can take enjoy of zip lining in Kasauli hills with well trained staff.

Enjoy of zip lining in winter season:

Zip lining in the winter season in snowy mountains give good skill. Icy and cold air keeps blowing and all areas of Kasauli are surrounded with snow. Take thrilling zip lining in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh in winter season also.

Accessories and safety instruments for zip lining:

  • Helmet
  • Zip line kits
  • Shoes
  • First aid kit
  • Zip line Belts

Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre' serves Only Vegetarian food and does not permit Smoking and consumption of Alcoholic beverages on its premises.

General Information for Guests

  • Welcome Drinks on Arrival.
  • All Adventure activities are done under the supervision of Skilled professional team.
  • The Food is prepared by the Resident Chef as per the Guest's food choice.
  • Proper Health Check-up and a Health Session for Guests is done by Col. Aparjit Singh.
  • The Tropical Rain Forest is maintained by Col. Maneet Singh.
  • There is a wonderful Trekking route to Kasauli from the Aestus. It is an unforgettable 45 minutes trek on the Kasauli hills.