Wind mill

Wind mill near to Aestus hotel in Kasauli is used to do many tasks in or hotel. Wind mill in our hotel is used to perform many tasks in hotel. These mills are used for the conversion of wind energy in to electricity. We here also use this wind mill to water pumping, and for many other purposes. Modern windmills are arranged near to our hotel. Visitor can see many other green energy models here when you visit to Kasauli. Take one time staying experience in Aestus adventure and wellness centre. Yours staying experience in Kasauli will be best. We give many facilities to guests here. You can visit for many other venture activities. There is calm and best climate of this hotel. Take joy of adventure here.

Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre' serves Only Vegetarian food and does not permit Smoking and consumption of Alcoholic beverages on its premises.

General Information for Guests

  • Welcome Drinks on Arrival.
  • All Adventure activities are done under the supervision of Skilled professional team.
  • The Food is prepared by the Resident Chef as per the Guest's food choice.
  • Proper Health Check-up and a Health Session for Guests is done by Col. Aparjit Singh.
  • The Tropical Rain Forest is maintained by Col. Maneet Singh.
  • There is a wonderful Trekking route to Kasauli from the Aestus. It is an unforgettable 45 minutes trek on the Kasauli hills.