Local cuisines of Kasauli
Many delicious local dishes can be eaten by visitor who visits to Kasauli for adventure, sightseeing, and for other purpose. Dishes like:
Maadra: It is prepared by mixing channa with yoghurt. It is delicious for eating channa madra is famous in Kasauli. It is thick and made in gravy. It is prepared with Kabuli channa.
Kadhi: Curry is eaten with both rice and roti; it is tasty for drinking also. It is prepared from yoghurt. Curry can be mixed with many vegetables and with daal. Kadhi pakoda can be also prepared with curry; curry is one of the famous cuisines of Kasauli.
Poppy seeds halwa: It is famous sweet item of Kasauli prepared from poppy seeds. It is tasty for eating many people like this dessert.
Beverage: Green tea of ginger is famous in Kasauli. Ginger tea is consumed by many visitosr who visit to Kasauli for leisure and sightseeing.
Night stay in Aestus adventure and wellness centre
You can stay in rooms of Aestus that is situated in the lap of nature in Kasauli. Gets budget night staying in rooms of Aestus. Rooms are laced with many amenities.

Contact Info
Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre, Jangeshu, Kasauli HP
+91- 9915703350