Kasauli is a small hill station located in Shivalik Hills in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It is one of best place among all the holiday destinations in India. The place Kasauli fantasies through nature beauty, serenity, peaceful surroundings & it’s cool weather.  It is famous for Kasauli Adventure activities in surrounding areas.It serves as an army cantonment, snow clad mountain and dense forest make Kasauli a major draw among tourist.  This holiday destination offers its visitors not only the scenic beauty and weather to enjoy but also a relaxing holiday Experience.

Resort for Holiday in Kasauli

 Aestus Resort Kasauli is situated in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh the state which possesses an excellent network of roads and communication facilities and has a clean and peaceful environment. Aestus Kasauli Resorts is a luxurious resort with features & amenities. The opulence of the resorts ushers the beauty and enthusiasm in the tourist. Resorts location keeps it away from the chaos of the town but closely located to the major attractions. The lush green garden of the place brightens your mood and makes your trip pleasurable. You will enjoy the hospitality of the trained professional staff of the resorts who gives the premium feel of facilities.

Aestus Resort is situated in the hill area and its height is 1,927 meter from the sea level. Aestus resort is an ideal destination for the people who are looking for peace. Aestus resort is one hour drive from the beautiful city – Chandigarh and its connectivity are located on the Parwanoo old Kasauli road just 10 min away from the heritage hill station of Kasauli. This wellness center situated in the lap of Shivalik Hill that gives the mesmerizing feel of nature similar to heaven. The serenity & beauty of the environs, accessibility, perennial water and all – season operations of the resorts male it an idyllic destination for pure unadulterated pleasures of nature. Aestus Kasauli Resort is the most popular tourism destinations in the Kasauli with full of eye-catching beauty & attraction of tourist interest through adventure packages which included the activities like zip lining, bonfire, Rope, balancing, nature walk, camping & Burma Bridge Yoga, meditation, Camping, Trekking, Photography, movie at amphitheater, full health checkup and lot more activities which gives you a joyful & memorable holiday experience.

Weather in Kasauli

The rainy season is the best time to visit here you will experience walking in woods, enjoying the beauty all around, rain falling on tall trees, fragrances of fresh flowers, something so romantic that one just could not dream of in the metros. You can enjoy the environment with elegant interior & rooms which are an oasis of comfort along with the private setting of tents on the terrace for wonderful night stay experience. Food quality of the Resort is remarkable because of the nutritive ingredients, organically grown Fresh Vegetarian which makes the food healthy & tasty. Here is a Tropical Rainforest with waterfall to enjoy the rain dance along with a thrilling experience crossing over 18 feet high Burma Bridge. This Holiday Destination is for family, the group of friends, newly married couple, old citizens, business class families n more. Aestus Resort fulfill your desires of having fun with family and gives you the best Kasauli Adventure Packages in that area Always welcome their guest to feel the experience which refreshes your mind and depart them with all the warm wishes for their lifetime.