Month: May 2016

Adventure in Kasauli

Adventure in Kasauli: Adventure in Kasauli is exciting for visitors who visit for adventure. Kasauli destination in Himachal Pradesh state of India is well known for adventurous activities. Large number of escapade activities can be performed by adventure lover in Kasauli. Some people who are fond of venture can do large number of exciting activities for their leisure and refreshment. Camping : Visitor can take enjoy of private setting of tents in Kasauli. Night stay in camps is also available for explorer, all facilities are given to them by Aestus adventure and wellness centre that is well known centre for escapade in Kasauli. Hiking : Visitor can take enjoyment of hiking in the 45 minutes trekking route of Aestus adventure and wellness centre.  It is good route for trekking in Kasauli. Hiking through the natural route is pleasing for hikers. Zip lining : Venture lovers can take relish of thrilling zip lining in Kasauli. Trainers and guides are very supportive to people who are fond of zip lining. Zip lining route is of 60 meters. Nature walks :  Aestus adventure and wellness centre also give nature walk facilities to visitor. They can walk through the tropical rain forests, coniferous tress and they can walk in natural place of Kasauli. Yoga :  Yoga and meditation are very beneficial to our health, body and mind so people can take yoga in...

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Kasauli beauty

Kasauli beauty: Kasauli’s beauty is famous in Himachal Pradesh. It is an old laager town located in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Pleasant place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh: Kasauli town of India is well known for its natural beauty. Greenery, apple, orchards, cool climate, coniferous trees are rich. Also well known for rain forest and for snow capped mountains. It very beautiful place to see, lush green sceneries around Kasauli look beautiful. Corn fields, gardens looks very amusing. Many orchards of apple, green fields can be seen by visitor here. Apples orchards of Himachal Pradesh are very popular around the world. Large number of people visits to Kasauli to spend their best holidays in the lap of nature. Cool and less polluted environment is pleasant to live or to spent weekends, and recreational holidays, in Kasauli. Historical places in Kasauli: Kasauli is also famous for its historical attractions where tourist can visit. Kasauli brewery: Anglican Church: Christ Church: Saint Lawrence School...

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Complimentary Health Check-up at Kasauli:

Kasauli is good place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Complementary health check-ups at Aestus adventure and wellness centre located in kasauli includes health consultation, ECG, complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, urine test X-rays, blood sugar, fitness, CBC, checkup and diet consultancy is also given to people. All these checkups are essential to know the proper functioning of the human body and it is essential to know diseases. Each result can be known from the report that is generated from the health checkups at Aestus. Aestus is situated in Kasauli that organize health checkups to know the proper condition of human body who visit to Aestus adventure and wellness centre for rejuvenation and adventure. People who visit to Kasauli can take enjoy of camping, trekking, yoga, and can do large number of indoor and outdoor activities at Aestus adventure centre. Best experience of many indoor and outdoor activities can be taken by tourist who visits here. Large numbers of health checkups help them to diagnose various problems in his body. Our main aim is to give the best fitness and proper health checkup for visitors. Kasauli is one of the best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh . Other activities can also be done by visitor:as trekking, camping, nature walk,and many other...

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Zip lining in Kasauli

Experience of zip lining in the Himalayan range gives a very decent experience to adventure lovers. Enjoy of zip lining can be taken by adventure lover in Kasauli hills that is conducted by the Aestus adventure and wellness centre. Aerial way journey across the green tress, vegetation, waterfalls, river near Kasauli gives best experience to nature lover and to adventure lovers. Rope slide runway is made with the best stainless steel. Top to bottom 60 meter journey can be done by venture lover. Enjoy of bird watching, and sightseeing can be taken during the journey along this ropeway. It is the best outdoor activity offered by Aestus adventure and wellness centre for tourist leisure. Thrill ride, with the support of experienced or well-trained adventure guides is jubilant. Natural flora, and fauna like Ghoral, Monal, Snow leopard, peacock, snow cock, and many varieties of birds can see by zip liners. Zip lining in Kasauli is challenging. All adventure guides are best host that take care of people safety. Ziplining with family and with friends at Kasauli is memorable. It gives great fun to people who do zip lining in lap of Himalaya. Place chosen for zip lining by Aestus centre is good place where adventure lover will like to come again and again. Take a comfortable journey and take fantastic experience of zip lining at Aestus adventure and wellness cenre...

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Badminton an outdoor activity at Aestus, adventure in Kasauli

Adventure in Kasauli Badminton is good frivolous activity, it is an easy and fun game and is obliging for the upgrading of people. Badminton can be played by engrossed people who visit to Aestus adventure and wellness centre at kasauli, badminton game can be played on well ground of Aestus centre around the natural place. Badminton court is made for people who want to spend their holidays at the natural place of Kasauli. Green vegetation is rich around our wellness centre, and fresh air keeps blowing from deodar, pine, fir and from other green trees. We offer all badminton adjunct for players. Before coming to Aestus centre players can Experience of badminton playing is very moral at this centre many people and young children take relish of playing badminton at Kasauli, they revitalize them here in lush green sceneries. This game can be played between two opposite players. Badminton playground is made to play badminton at Aestus adventure and wellness centre. All amenities are given to players for their sparkle, lawn playground, rackets, shuttlecock, and other trimmings are given to player here so they can take enjoy of badminton playing at Kasauli. 1, 2 hours badminton playing experience is well for player they can do exercise here, it will help them to increase their fitness, and our main aim is to only to enhance fitness of people by offering...

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