Month: April 2016

Wellness centre

Aestus wellness and adventure centre located at Kasauli is made to gratify for the wellness of mind, soul, and body. Many needs of family health fitness, group and family adventure are satisfied here. Multiple health care and adventure activities are offered to visitors. Much health care advice, adventure services are given to for mind and body refreshment. Fitness, personal training, and nutrition consulting is given by our experts to customers. People can spend their weekends at this centre for the renewal of mind and body. We offer for their leisure. They can refresh them by taking Yoga, meditation, trekking, cycling, basketball playing, kite flying, badminton, bone fire camping and many other indoor activities. Archery Sessions are also available for adventure lover who is interested in archery. Practical are performed by performed who is guided by instructor. They can improve their shooting skills and can do more practice here. We cater for the overall wellness and entertainment of guest. Special health checkups, yoga and meditation are organized for customer for their overall body fitness. Yoga is very beneficial for health special yoga classes can be attended by guest here to enhance their body fitness and refresh their mind and soul. Meditation at natural place of Kasauli, give deep rest to our body, calmness, is given by meditation. It helps people to fresh mind, increase energy, concentrate, and improves...

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Thrilling experience of Rope balancing at Kasauli

Adventure lovers can take enjoy of rope balancing on ropes near to Kasauli. Best rope balancing practices can be done in Aestus adventure and  wellness centre because it serves for the rejuvenation of people. By rope balancing, (thrilling activity) guest can take enjoy and he can refresh him. Best practice of rope balancing can be done in these ropes. Best training is given to learner by our expert, to support guest while rope balancing. Rope balancing gives a person good brain practice with minimal labors. Brain and body work together when he pulls in body in rope balancing. It increases the...

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Nature walk in kasauli

Nature walk in Kasauli is exciting, nature walk offer large number of scenic view to viewer in the natural destination. Area around the Kasauli includes the varieties of trees, which are oak, pine, tropical rain forest, ferns, deodar and other green trees. The view of snow concealed mountains, lush greenery, gurgling gushes and alpine meadows boost the pristine aptness of the hills near to Aestus Kasauli. For from the maddening crowd, it is undoubtedly an amazing place for all those who are seeking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is the best holiday destination in Himachal Pradesh. So come and bask in the beautiful paradise on earth to take enjoy of nature walk in pristine fresh air of green forests. Visitor can take enjoy of bird watching there are many varieties of birds for visitor to view. Chirruping bird noise in the morning and evening time is great. Pictures can be clicked by visitor. Visitor can explore sceneries in natural areas during their natural walk. Visitor can see varieties of squirrels, pigeons, mice, chipmunks, eagle, monal, juju rana, barking dear and many other varieties of birds. There are many landmarks, interesting trees, big stones, rhododendron, deodar, and other trees during their way in the natural walk. View of villages, hills, snow capped mountain during winter season is amusing. Body warm up in...

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